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Q: What is Zello?
A: Zello is a app that will turn your SmartPhone into a "Push-To-Talk Walkie Talkie".
Q: What is the range with Zello?
A: It is internet based and range is unlimited! You can talk across the house or across the world!
Q: Is Zello free?
A: Zello is absolutely 100% FREE with no ads!
Q: Do I need cell signal for it to work?
A: It uses DATA to work so you need cellular OR wifi data available for it to work.
Q: Is Zello available for iOS and Android?
A: Zello is available for BOTH iOS and Android, visit the download link to get the right one.
Q: How can I talk to others with Zello?
A: You can talk privately one-on-one with a contact or to a group of people on a private or public channel.
Q: What is CB19 Ohio?
A: CB19 Ohio is a PUBLIC Zello channel designed for use by people traveling in/around Ohio, USA.
CB19 Ohio is a PUBLIC Zello channel designed to be used by people traveling in and around the State of Ohio in the USA. Use it like Channel 19 on a CB radio... report road conditions, speed traps, traffic, etc, or just use it for friendly general conversation.  It is open to anyone anywhere, but the goal is for it to become a local channel for Ohio users.
Download Zello, register a username, then add the channel, the channel name must be spelled correctly to find it, it should be entered like this...  CB19 Ohio
(be sure to include a space between CB19 and Ohio)
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Use your Zello app to scan the QR Code to add the channel. Or enter the channel name manually by typing it in exactly like this...
CB19 Ohio
My name is David J. Rosso, I am the owner of CB19 Ohio,
I may be reached on the channel @DavidRosso or @WhiteMountain